DPCM 2016

About Us 

A sustainable quality water supply is not only a vital resource for life, it is also an increasing source of economic value. As water problems, such as, availability of clean water, water infrastructure and efficiency of supply, increase along with new regulations, and increased costs for supply and consumption, much more focus is needed on the issues facing water challenges in the environment and within the growing water industry.


The DCU Water Institute is a multi-faculty including agencies, DCU WI has greater than 30 academic principal investigators with a wide-range of professional experience that enables us to form strong multi-disciplinary teams. We welcome opportunities for collaboration with partners from business; academia and government, to better understand and manage our water resources into the future.


Our Vision

DCU Water Institute aims at addressing national, international and global water resource problems through excellence in research, education and innovation in water science, technology, management and governance.


Our vision is to provide informed leadership decisions and sustainable action, using advanced technology and data analytics in a multidisciplinary dynamic research environment. We will achieve this vision through collaboration between WI members, government, industry, partner academics and agencies and identify opportunities for knowledge transfer.


Our Goals

Our goals are to improve and advance basic knowledge of physical, chemical, biological and engineering processes in aquatic systems; to enhance the understanding of human interactions and attitudes with water; to develop and promote improved methodologies for water management and, to inform policy based on a foundation of science, engineering and computing technologies. The drive for the DCU WI reflects population increase and economic growth the globe has seen over the past years, and our changing water needs.


The Water Institute has three main goals:

• safe, secure drinking water

• healthy aquatic ecosystems

• reliable, energy efficient, quality water supplies for a sustainable economy


Our Expertise

DCU Water Institute specialises in technological developments across science, engineering and computer science domains, with strong communications focus, as well as policy and business drivers. These areas are reflected in our academic members in DCU – across all faculties of the University.


Our research is technology focused in a policy rich environment and falls under five main thematic pillars – 

Energy, Water and Health, Risks and Security, Marine and Sustainable Agriculture.