DPCM 2016

Please note that this programme is correct as per 17th October 2016 but subject to change without notice. A final programme will be provided at the conference.

The programme will cover a vast range of topics during the conference through;

Plenary Sessions with Invited Expert Keynote Speakers

• Workshops & Round Table Discussions (Feedback to Conference Declaration)

• Thematic Sessions

• Poster Presentations and Poster Prizes

• Industry/Business Fora -  (Opportunities and Barriers re Planning, Licensing, Regulation etc.)

• Dedicated Session(s) for Young Water Professionals (YWP) - (including IWA - YWP Chapter for Ireland, Mentoring Programme, Study/Work Opportunities in Ireland etc.)

Conference Declaration - for Submission to DG Environment. 

Click here for a list of conference topics.

*programme correct as of 25th May 2016 and is subject to change without notice.