DPCM 2016

Technical Tours

Date: Thursday 27th October 

During the registration process you have an option to book one of the following technical tours:
1. EU Agricultural Catchments Programme in Practice

Note: Technical Tours are subject to minimum participant number bookings prior to final confirmation. 

On booking your attendance at DPCM 2016, you will receive an initial conference confirmation.
A separate email will be sent once we achieve the minimum tour numbers, confirming a selected technical tour will take place. Any booked tours that are not confirmed will be refunded where paid in advance. 

2. EU Agricultural Catchments Programme in Practice

Established in 2008, the Agricultural Catchments Programme, funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and run by Teagasc works with 300 farmers across six catchments to evaluate the environmental and economic effects of the nitrates action programme of measures implemented under the Nitrates Directive. 

The field trip will visit the Dunleer catchment, which is located west of the village of Dunleer, in Co Louth. This catchment is just over 940 ha, around 50% of the area is grassland, 33% tillage and the remainder woodland and habitat. 

Those attending the field trip will visit 2-3 sites within the catchment, where the agricultural catchments programme has installed instruments that are used to monitor the fate of nutrients and the pathways to which they take to when they leave at the catchment outlet.

Those attending will be briefed on the objectives, the operations and some key findings of the ACP by the integrated advisor, technical and research staff of the ACP.