DPCM 2016

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Jean-Luc Bertrand-Krajewski

Jean-Luc Bertrand-Krajewski is professor in the Civil Engineering and Urban Planning Department at INSA Lyon, France (National Institute for Applied Sciences) since 1997. He is director of DEEP (Laboratoire Déchets, Eaux, Environnement, Pollutions - Laboratory on Wastes, Water, Environment and Pollution) at INSA Lyon. His main research topics are related to urban hydrology and urban water systems, especially hydraulic and pollutants transport modelling in sewer systems, field monitoring and metrology, stormwater management, and integrated approach for urban water systems, with various national and international collaborations.

In 2005-2008, he was elected chairman of the IWA Specialist Group on Urban Drainage. He is elected member of the IWA Strategic Council since 2010. He is also president of the NGO GRAIE (Rhône-Alpes Group for Urban Water and Infrastructures) which is the organiser of the triennial Novatech international conferences on urban water management. More information and publications are available at jlbkpro.free.fr.

Marion Colonerus

Marion Colonerus is Principal Manager at the European Court of Auditors. The European Court of Auditors (ECA) is the EU institution for auditing the EU’s finances. The ECA warns of risks, provides assurance and offers guidance to EU policymakers on how to improve the management of public finances and ensure that Europe’s citizens know how their money is being spent.  Until recently Marion worked in a Unit responsible inter alia for auditing EU expenditure in the field of environment. She has been working in particular on two reports regarding at water quality aspects in four countries in the Danube river basin. The ECA published these reports in 2015 and early 2016.

Mark Maimone, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, D.WRE

Dr. Maimone is a senior water resource management specialist with over 50 publications. He has a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters Degree in Environmental Planning from the University of Technology in Delft, The Netherlands, and a PhD in Water Resources Planning from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. He has experience in groundwater and surface water studies; source water protection and stormwater studies; water quality studies; wetlands remediation; and mathematical modeling of ground and surface water. He has led major water resource planning studies in Georgia, Chester County and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as well as directed the decision process for the NYC Water Supply Dependability Study.

Dr. Maimone has been a working with the Philadelphia Water Department for almost a decade to develop and implement a combined sewer overflow program that relies primarily on the use of decentralized, green stormwater infrastructure. This program is unprecedented in scale, and his contributions have ranged from integrated watershed planning, green infrastructure design, program management, triple bottom line assessments, and impact analysis.

Dr. Maimone has been responsible for the development, calibration, and validation of numerous groundwater flow and salt water intrusion models both in the US, Europe, and the Middle East, and has designed data management systems for water resource planning. He has led award-winning source water protection programs and integrated water resource management studies. He developed stream and wetland mitigation programs, groundwater and watershed management programs, and has also directed numerous hazardous waste site investigations, feasibility studies, and remedial design of soil and water contamination.

Dr. Maimone is also a decision science expert. He has also used decision analysis techniques to help numerous clients select the highest priority watersheds for watershed plan implementation and stream restoration activities, and identify the preferred wastewater treatment technology and residual management technology.

Karin Lexén

Karin Lexén is Director for World Water Week, International Policy and Prizes at SIWI. She leads SIWI’s engagement on international policy, such as the UN’s development goals and the global climate policy processes, driving SIWI’s advocacy of water issues in the international environmental politics arena.

A Swedish national, Karin has 30 years of experience in international environmental and development politics. She studied and researched environmental chemistry at Stockholm University and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, and speaks both English and Swedish.

Karin joined SIWI in 2007, and until 2012, was Director of SIWI’s Swedish Water House (SWH) – a neutral platform for Swedish actors engaging in international water issues.Prior to joining SIWI Karin worked, among other positions with the Swedish Ministry for the Environment and as the International Policy Director at the Church of Sweden.

John H. Matthews

John H. Matthews is the secretariat coordinator and co-founder of the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA), which is hosted by the World Bank and the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). His work integrates technical and policy knowledge for climate adaptation for practical implementation. John has worked on five continents and more than 20 countries. 

He has authored, co-authored, and edited recent books, papers, and reports on decision-making frameworks for adapting water infrastructure and ecosystems to climate impacts, deploying finance instruments such as green bonds to mainstream climate adaptation, developing climate-sensitive approaches to environmental flows, assembling the evidence for nature-based solutions to climate adaptation, and exploring new economic tools to support integrated long-term planning. 

He is a Senior Water Fellow at Colorado State University and teaches at Oregon State University. Previously, John directed global freshwater climate adaptation programs for WWF and Conservation International. He has PhD in ecology from the University of Texas.

William Sarni
Director and Practice Leader, Water Strategy
Social Impact Services
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Will has been providing environmental and sustainability consulting services to private- and public-sector enterprises for his entire career, with a focus on developing and implementing corporate-wide sustainability and water strategies. Sarni’s diverse client list includes Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations and non- governmental organizations (NGOs). He has managed complex projects throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

An internationally recognized thought leader on water strategies, he is a regular writer for Greenbiz (Liquid Assets) and OOSKA News and the author of: “Corporate Water Strategies” (Earthscan 2011, and in Chinese by Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press 2013); “Water Tech – A Guide to Investment, Innovation and Business Opportunities in the Water Sector” (Routledge 2013); and “Beyond the Energy – Water – Food Nexus: New Strategies for 21st Century Growth” (Dō Sustainability 2015).

Sarni is a Board Member of the Rainforest Alliance, on the Water Leadership Working Group for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), on the Water Working Group for the Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) to the OECD, on the Scientific Program Committee for Stockholm World Water Week, and an advisor to the University of Cambridge Natural Capital Leaders Platform “The right value for externalities” collaboration, with a focus on the value of water. He is a technical advisor to the “America’s Water Initiative” at the Columbia Water Center - The Earth Institute at Columbia University and is a member of the Climate Bonds Standard Water Investments Technical Committee.