Glazing Safety Page

Each glazing means a potential risk of injury from breakage of the glass. Especially in large areas, such as glazed walls of gardens, this is very important. In addition, such glass must carry out a part of the bearing function, because the large size frame cannot fully carry the entire load. Therefore, the glass is specially durable, designed for high durability not only against the possible impact of children, but also of course against weather conditions such as hail or small objects drifted by strong winds.
Not only walls, but mainly the roof
The fortress walls of the winter garden are commonplace, but there is still a roof glass (if we want a glass at all costs). This must meet even more demanding criteria. The most commonly used safety glass is glued. They are two glued layers (or even more layers) of special glass, which is glued to the foil from the PVB. This guarantees an extraordinary strength.