Want to be a fragile fairy, a sweet princess or a sexy vixen? Modern brides have a choice of many variations and styles in terms of choice of dresses, but also ceremony or banquet. You can all tune into the classic white, but also calmly black, if you want to? You want to be a tough biker who says "yes" to your chosen one on the saddle of a "chopper?"  Or do you prefer the ancient goddess on the sandy beach?
The crazier, the more original?
But if you don't worry about classics, you're not weird. The right, Czech wedding is still flying. And the simplicity is beautiful, isn't it? Romantic, lace dress will conjure up a delicate and clean soul. It is important that you, together with the groom, let guests know in what style the aforementioned event will take place. In the wedding announcement, you're a little bit inconstably pointing out what they can expect. If there is a dove on the invitation, you are in simplicity and you are telling others that you are with the bridegroom's soul mate.